Fair content and pricing

Everything below is included in the base fair price

1. Stand

You can choose your stand position from the different stand classes, A, B and C. A large stand consists of two adjacent stands. A singular stand size is 3 x 2 meters (width x depth) while a large stand is 6 x 2 meters. A stand consists of the stand structures, light blue exhibition carpet, furniture and electrical outlets. Stands can be customized with our additional services

2. Your company's description and ad in the fair magazine

The fair magazine will contain a description of every company taking part in IT-Hekuma. The material contains a description, logo and ad of the company. Each company gets a whole spread from the magazine; the other page has the description and the logo while the other one has the whole page ad. Companies can also utilize their allocated spread in other ways if they want to. Around 400 magazines will be printed prior to the event. The magazine is released about two weeks before the actual event. A digital version of the magazine is also released on the IT-Hekuma site. 

3. Visibility on the event site

Besides the digital version of the fair magazine, the student section of the site will contain the same description, logo and ad as the magazine. Besides these materials we'll also add a www-address to your page (for example the recruitment section of your site).

4. Internet connectivity at the stand

We'll provide your stand with wireless internet.

5. Break room and lunch

During the event you can rest at the break room reserved for company representatives. Coffee, tea, and other refreshments are served during the whole day of the event as well as all kinds of snacks.

As well as the services provided in the break room your representatives are also provided with lunch coupons which can be used in two of the three different restaurants at our university.

6. Fair organizer services

We - the organizers of the event - will help you with anything that may puzzle you, be it helping you carry your stuff during the morning or giving you the best lunch tips during the day.

Additional services

Additional fair services

If you want to stand out at the fair, we can provide an exhibition carpet in a colour of your choosing for an additional price. The base colour of the carpet is light blue, but you can choose your colour freely out of any of the colours listed below

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Fuchsia

We can also provide the stand with powerful additional lighting.

If you'd like to have an 40-inch TV with a floor stand at your stand for an additional price, please contact the public relations representative.


Stand in the general registration

The price for all stands is 2000€. The price for double-sized stands is 4000€.

Additional services:

  • Additional lights: 200€
  • A 40" screen: 200€
  • A specific colour for the carpet 200€


Inquiries regarding reservations

You can contact our public relations representative Petteri Mönkkönen directly at yritys@tietoteekkarikilta.fi or by phone 044 2755 499