Exertus Oy

Exertus is the control system specialist making an innovative turn-key solutions in the field of automation including electronics, software, application development and related services for mobile machinery applications.

We offer turn-key solutions from control system specification and  engineering up to production and life cycle services. Our specialists can also take care of a customer specific application development when necessary. Our comprehensive remote diagnostics toolbox offers ready made tools to support field operations globally

Our standard products are offering good variety of components for mobile machinery applications including main controllers, IO-controllers, displays and connectivity devices. All our electronic units are developed in-house which gives freedom to create also tailored products to meet the special requirements. Custom designs are based on the industry proven design elements from our design library which will ensure the cost efficiency and quality.

Exertus Office is located at Seinäjoki and currently we have 38 specialists at our team. Additionally, to the open positions listed below we have a good track record of growing our own lions by starting of with a school project or thesis work. We appreciate knowledge and hands-on experience with related technologies like electronics, hydraulics, embedded Linux, CAN, Qt, ROS/ROS2 and functional safety.

Open positions:




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