Monad Oy

Software with Craftsmanship

Monad was born in 2017 out of the desire of three software developers to create top-quality digital solutions. Those that are developed to serve the needs of the present, but also to last. There was an equally strong desire to build a workplace where everyone should have the best version of themselves. From the beginning, it was understood that only a motivated team can give their best. That is why we invest in people.

Monad is an equal work community where determined and precise work is done, but we want to keep the atmosphere relaxed. Our culture is made up of openness, community and a desire to learn new things. We must each be exactly what we are and do our job in a way that suits us.

Although Monad is a young company, our team is built on top professionals who have had a long career and those who will develop their skills with great ambition for the future. We work with a craftsmanship mentality: With the professional pride of a craftsman, we tie our honed technical know-how to the customer’s individual needs. This results in a high-quality end result that fits perfectly and is time-resistant.

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