Netlight Consulting

Netlight is an international IT consultancy working with market leaders across industries - e.g medtech, retail, transport, renewables, media and gaming to name a few. We join clients in critical roles helping the client teams succeed and build sustainable solutions.

In Helsinki we are around 100 people today, having our Finnish office in the Helsinki city center and our clients located in the capital region. You can meet the rest 1500 of our colleagues in 9 cities around Europe: Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Zurich - or on daily basis on Slack sharing knowledge!

Our colleagues typically join Netlight when graduating with a MSc degree. We are always eager to meet and get to know new people who want to make an impact: solving problems together with clients and Netlight colleagues. If you want to work not only with code/desing/data, but also people - helping others and growing as a person, you might be a future Netlighter! Visit us at Hekuma stand by the horse to hear more from our colleagues, about client stories and personal growth.

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