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Profit Software to be known as Evitec - would you join working with us?
Our task is to modernize the Nordic financial sector. Many companies have systems or operating methods that are at the end of their life cycle and need to be updated. Data-driven reporting and management is also important success factor for companies, whether it is a bank, an insurance company, an energy company or a company in the manufacturing industry. We operate in three countries and seven locations with more than 350 experts.

We live in exciting times, because in 2023 we will be known as Evitec. At the same time, our look and website will be renewed. With growth and internationalization, we have even more versatile career development opportunities.

With us, you gain strong expertise in software development, not to mention impressive displays in the digitalization of the financial sector. We have several years of experience in recruiting software developers, business intelligence experts and  consultants starting their careers. We ensure that instead of summer internships, we offer long-term employment, where you can work, grow and develop. Completion of studies is always encouraged and supported.

Right now, we are especially looking for experts who are in the final stages of their studies. You should always tell us about your skills and, for example, hobby projects, we are interested in seeing what you already know in practice!

It is not necessary to already have expertise in the financial sector, because an understanding of the operations of banks, insurance companies, finance and investment companies or other industries can be accumulated through projects and work. Nobody is born a blacksmith, and none of us is ever ready with our knowledge and skills. Professional and experienced team leaders guide and help newcomers to get started, and your mentor acts as additional support to show how we do things. We learn together, help each other and develop all the time. We are proud of our joint achievements and success.

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