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Who are we?

TietoEVRY is a leading digital services and software company creating digital advantages for businesses and society. We serve thousands of enterprises and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. By joining our exciting journey you get to help businesses and societies meet their full potential – while you are also reaching yours! We help to develop the Nordic society and lift businesses on another level by using technology and data to achieve incredible opportunities: from urbanization to traffic and climate change to resource scarcity. 

From people for people. Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at TietoEVRY. For us, it's all about the people - be they end-user, customer or employee. We bring digital life to the doorsteps of people.  From e-healthcare services to state administration, and everything in between - we have a large client base, covering all industries.

With our local presence, we understand and respect the needs of our customers and their customers and especially the challenges the Nordic organizations are facing. When you design with a human-centric approach, you are likely to win. Tomorrow and in the long run. This is what we always aim for.

With us, you become part of a community where people are respected and valued - come as you are and work the way you want. Diverse minds lead to innovation, change and better results. Our communities are nurtured and driven by passionate people at the front line. For us, diversity and inclusion are fundamental in the creation of an inspirational workplace and being different is how we drive innovation forwards.

Our success is based on our Nordic heritage and global teams. We have a strong heritage of openness, trust, diversity and sustainability. At the same time, we scale the Nordic mindset globally in chosen expertise areas, such as industrial software, financial services and product development services.


Did you know that you deal with us almost every day?

When you withdraw money at an ATM, when you buy a train ticket online, make mobile payments or when you receive a digital message that it is time to pick up a package you have ordered. The team behind the scenes for these solutions is a large group of strategists, coders, analysts, industry experts and future enthusiasts.

TietoEVRY - What we do at work

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