TrademarkNow is a company focused on transforming the working lives of professionals in the industry by virtue of creating the possibility of instant access to information about trademarks and their owners all over the globe. We envision a world in which search and watch reports contain not only comprehensive results but are ranked in order of threat level to permit speed in an industry in which faster responses are increasingly critical. We are committed to the mission of providing the kind of access to the key data that our clients, colleagues and professionals would have dreamed of - if they had thought it was possible.

We provide a comprehensive trademark management suite. Created by experts in trademark law and linguistics, the cutting-edge system also utilizes state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques to produce models that seamlessly take real-world complexities into account. While the underlying intelligence is complex, the platform’s intuitive design and simple user interface make it very easy to use.

Company culture means something a little different to the team at TrademarkNow. We set out to transform the lives of trademark professionals by building the world’s most comprehensive and efficient suite of end-to-end trademark management tools on one fully integrated platform. But we are transforming our own working lives too - finding that elusive perfect work/life balance, finding empowerment, experimenting, finding solutions and being part of something bigger in 3 global and customer-centric locations; Helsinki Finland, Kilkenny Ireland, and New Jersey USA.

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