We are Vincit

Vincit was founded in 2007 on the belief that satisfied customers stem from satisfied employees. Today, we are a listed company of 800+ top experts, based in Finland, the USA, Sweden, and Poland. And we still believe that coming to work shouldn’t suck – not even on Mondays.

We are known for doing coding-related computing stuff. In other words, we help our customers with digital transformation processes and offer software development, design as well as data science services. For example, the Moovy parking app is done by us.

Our customer base and the scope of our projects are wide, from small start-ups to globally large enterprises. So, due to our ever-developing working environment, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck or bored. 

800+ opportunities to work with a pro

We are always seeking skilled developers with a passion for software excellence to join our fun-loving bunch. Our way of working and thinking usually suits those who are, or want to be, at the top of their profession. Work with us, and you get to be part of our Vincit community which consists of the country’s top developers, designers, and other experts. 

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