Wapice Oy

General Introduction

Wapice is a technology and digitalization partner established in 1999 and employing over 330 people in 10 sites around Finland. We deliver solutions to globally leading industrial companies mainly in the fields of energy technology and moving machinery. We help our customers transform into digital champions for creating a better future. 

Our competence ranges from electronics design, software development in embedded software and data science up to modern mobile and cloud-based software solutions. We also support our customers in future technologies such as 5G, IoT and Artificial Intelligence with our expertise. Currently our own product portfolio consists of three cloud based products which are IoT-TICKET®Summium® and EcoReaction.

Size of company

We employ 330 experts in eight different sites around Finland. Our sites are located in Vaasa, Tampere, Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki, Oulu and Hyvinkää. In most of our roles our experts can choose on which site they work from. Of course, we offer the possibility to work flexibly remotely, too.

Competence areas we are recruiting in

Wapice is constantly looking for both seasoned experts and future talents who are finishing their studies. We are looking for experts to work with e.g. software development, embedded systems, data engineering, machine learning, electronics, security, testing and DevOps. We also have roles in more business centric positions for people interested in consulting and working in the customer interface. Some examples of the technologies we are using can be found here. We also offer the possibility to finish your studies while working and many have also found an interesting thesis subject within our projects. Wapice always wants to listen to every talent from their point of view, and e.g. adjust the employment contracts so that they give the needed flexibility to finish your studies.

What we value

First and foremost we expect you to have a passion to learn software development and its different roles (e.g. software development, testing, embedded systems, cloud technologies, security, DevOps) and a genuine desire to develop your skills. We appreciate versatile skills, whether its gained from school, work or hobby and free-time projects. At Wapice you get to be your genuine self, but we hope you share our values, which are succeeding together, believing in people and passion to be ahead.

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