Wapice Oy

Wapice is a Finnish full-service software company whose solutions are used by domain leading industrial companies around the world. We offer close technology partnership and digital services to our customers.

Wapice´s mission is to build a smarter future, today. We are a growing family of 340 people who are proud of what we do. Although we take our work and our promises to our customers seriously, as a workplace we want to be people-centric, flexible and agile. We are a low-hierarchy technology house, where both top professionals and bright-minded talents at the beginning of their career can find exciting projects and opportunities for growth.

We are constantly searching for new talents. Open positions are for example: .NET Developer, C++ Developer, Electronics Designer, Embedded Systems Designer, Mobile and Web Developers, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Technology Experts and Architects, Test Automation Engineer, Data Science, Data Engineering and AI Professionals.

Read more: careers.wapice.com

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