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Would you like to work in a place with a lot of learning opportunities, while surrounded by capable coworkers, fluffy office dogs and two dinosaurs? Do you love programming, or are you more interested in design or working with data? If “yes”, keep on reading!

We at Futurice have spent the last 20-something years working with technology, design and IT consulting, during which we’ve worked on over 1600 projects. We have over 750 employees from 50+ different nationalities, working at seven separate offices in 4 different countries.

We are a people first company, which is reflected by our culture and values. Culture has been the cornerstone of our company from day one. It's built on our core values of care, transparency, trust and continuous improvement. Futurice is the ultimate learning platform and we mean it. We see people’s careers as journeys and this allows them to grow in a direction that is best suited for them. 

Our aim is to help you evolve as a professional and find your own career path in our Summer program in 2023. Our priority for next summer is to find people with knowledge of modern web and mobile technologies, design, and / or data engineering. The official language at Futurice is English, which means you’re expected to be fluent in it.

The application period for Summer 2023 will open later this year so remember to follow futurice.com/careers. 

Read more about us at promise.tammerforce.com and come say hi at our stand! 

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