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Collaborational partners’ registration: 19.09.2023 10:00

Recruitment partners’ registration 26.09.2023 10:00

Open registration: 03.10.2023 10:00

Registration closes: 20.10.2023 23:59

Guide to making a reservation

In the picture above you can see the venue map, which has the venue spots marked. Choose the spot you want from the dropdown menu. Fill in your company's representative information as well.

You can find information about the services included with a spot under the company and fair contents and pricing menu.

A large spot means a larger venue slot, which consists of two adjacent spots.

Choose the tables you'd like to have on your spot. You can choose from wide tables and horizontal tables. A single spot can have two tables at most, for example one horizontal table and one wide table. A singular spot can't fit two wide tables. For a large spot you can choose three different tables freely.

As an additional option to the fair package we offer an opportunity to choose a mat with the color of your choosing (for example to fit your company's signature color, color options at the following page: Fair contents and pricing) as well as a effective additional lighting for your stand.

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