What is IT-Hekuma?

IT-Hekuma is a career fair where ICT-industries companies and students meet each other. During the event there will be several companies telling about the job opportunities in their company.

At the IT-Hekuma fair

  • You get a full perspective of ICT-companies
  • You get really valuable information about career opportunities
  • You can present your special skills to your possible future employee
  • You make vital contacts

Remember to print your CV !

Have you ever thought of to how many students do the company representatives speak during the fair? And how many do they remember afterwards? Make sure that they remember you the next day! By leaving your CV to an interesting company you make sure that they remember you also the day after. This can be extremely important when you later on apply to the company and tell that you talked with their representatives at the IT-Hekuma.

Do not underestimate the value of a good CV. Make it good and make it seen.

Get to know in advance

Company presentations can be seen from this webpage where you can find out some useful hints for the fair.

See you at the IT-Hekuma!