In 1997 we broke the mould when it came to IT procurement, management, and disposal. We saw the need for businesses to get more out of their IT, and to do it sustainably. And for over 20 years, we’ve helped businesses to embrace the circular economy model and have saved millions of devices from going to landfills and tons of carbon emissions.

What many don’t know is that we design, develop and run our own technology and platforms for IT asset management and remarketing. For customers, we provide efficient ways to manage their IT assets, ensure data protection, and secured recycling of used devices. Our goal is to promote and advance the circular economy. We’re proud to manage millions of assets and thousands of clients in countries across the globe. Which all means you can trust that we’re not only true experts at what we do, but that we’re also the ultimate safe, trusted pair of hands when it comes to the acquisition, management, and refresh of your IT devices.


Are you ready to take care of the world’s technology? Join us.

Being a 3stepper means caring enough about the world to do something about it. We Take Care

So, what’s it like to work at 3stepIT?

We are world loving. We’ve got a better environment in our sights and conservation in our hearts. We believe we can make a difference to the world by helping businesses become more sustainable.

Taking care of each other

Taking care is our mindset. 3steppers don’t walk by when something can be done. We don’t just care about things, we take care – of our customers, of technology, of each other.

Taking care of our planet

We help organisations transition towards a sustainable technology model, using our best-in-class Technology Lifecycle Management approach – which can reduce an organisation’s electronic waste by half and its CO2 footprint by 36%

If you think you'd be a good match for our team, take the step - send us an open application and tell us who you are!

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