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At Visual Components, we build world-class 3D simulation software to plan factories and optimize production lines. With our solution, our customers can design factories of the future already today. We believe that 3D simulation is the future of planning, and we want to make it easily accessible. Our solution is trusted by more than 2400 organizations in the manufacturing industry worldwide. Today, Visual Components is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing simulation industry and a trusted technology partner to many leading brands. We offer machine builders, system integrators, and manufacturers a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution to design and simulate production lines. 

Our headquarters are in Espoo and Tampere, Finland, and we have offices in the US and Germany and a global partner network of partners and resellers. 

Our team is multinational - we have people from over 22 countries, and we speak at least eleven different languages!


We are always looking for new talents in the fields of:

  • Software Engineering: C++, C#, .NET, WPF, MS Azure, Unity
  • Software Testing: manual and automated testing. If you have previous experience related to robotics & automation, 3D graphics, or testing simulation tools - it is even better!
  • Engineering: robotics, mechatronics, automation, and similar
  • B2B marketing and sales

Visual Components is growing constantly. To give you a glimpse of our culture, we asked our newcomers to share their thoughts about working with us. Check it out below!

Asser (Software Developer) about joining the company:

"To be honest, working at Visual Components is much more similar to developing 3D games than I expected. Some discussions with colleagues about the underlying technologies are the same, and the teammates seem to have similar interests as the people in the game industry. The whole idea of simulation and automation is exciting and very close to the sort of games I play personally. It is very dear to me because automation makes life more effective."

Andreea (Software Developer) about the things that inspire her in her work:

"Manufacturing industry is going towards more digitalized and virtualized solutions. Nowadays, you can simulate the work of a factory and demonstrate it to people from another part of the world! It is fascinating! I believe that this is our future. And I am excited to contribute to the progress."

Akseli (Product Marketing Specialist) about his work:

"It is nice to work at a company where the product is practical, with great visuals, a slick user interface, and robust user experience. It helps make my job a lot easier.
With that said, I am excited to continue working together with the other teams here at Visual Components on our upcoming product launches!"

Fadi (Testing Engineer) about the reasons he chose us:

"Why Visual Components? As a robotics engineer, I believe in simulation and its purpose. Why testing? I get to stay close to robotics and, at the same time, ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with our product."


Interested to start your career with us? Check open positions in our Career Page:

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