We are a rapidly growing technology service company specializing in software and embedded solutions, engineering solutions, and technical communication solutions. We are a forerunner in the engineering industry and we differentiate ourselves by the wide-ranging competence of our experts. Our customers include world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry. We help them to create a better world through engineering, innovation and digitalization.

We believe that solving tomorrow’s challenges requires different types of people, different competencies, different solutions and a different way of thinking. We believe engineers and developers can change the world.

At Etteplan you will be working with over 4000 of the smartest technology specialists in 8 different countries, 3 different continents.

Why work at Etteplan

Etteplan offers various possibilities for students, freshly graduated as well as for professional experts.

Industrial digitalization, cyber security, technical information, 3D printing opportunities… You’ll be working in some of the most advanced and interesting fields of digitalization and engineering. As part of the team, we will count on you to bring your special skills, unique perspective and spirit of innovation to the table.

Ranging from software developers to electrical engineers and from team managers to safety specialists, we are looking for a wide variety of experts to join our community. See our available positions on our career page:

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