We create digital solutions with professional pride. Ones that are user-centered, durable, and easily extensible. We develop software solutions for various needs, including energy, healthcare, industrial, and heavy machinery systems.

We invest in people, provide freedom, responsibility, support, and offer the best tools to collectively produce better code and smarter software development. We want to enable aspiring future talents in their careers by offering summer jobs where they can engage in real projects and learn good software development practices.

What We Offer

⌨️ You get to work on projects that match your interests and skills, including web full-stack, mobile, cloud services, DevOps, and design.

👥 Our experienced experts at Monad and their Monad.bind(trainee) training program support you. In the trainee program, you will learn skills that you won't find in a classroom.

📍 You work at our office located in the center of Tampere or, when possible, remotely.

💻 You have access to the latest tools and equipment needed for coding.

🤝 We also hope to find individuals who will continue working with us in the future.

⏳ Time to work on your final project.

What We Expect

📚 We expect that you have completed basic studies in the software field and have done related coursework.

🤩 We hope you have ambition, a desire to do things properly, and a thirst for learning.

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