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💥 Join us in making people's lives easier, streamlining society's services and saving lives! At Cinia a software developer can ensure that an ambulance can find its way to its destination or that the planning of a heart operation goes smoothly. There are already just under 500 of us Cinians around Finland!

🔎 Are you a software development talent finishing your studies and just starting your career? Cinia's own trainee programme is the path to becoming an expert in the field!

💻 The programme is a paid (equal pay according to the TEK recommendation) internship. Cinia Boost Academy starts with an internship project to familiarise you with the development environment, tools and the way Cinia works on client projects. In the history of Cinia Boost Academy, many have stayed with us after the summer! 🚀

🤝We offer professional support throughout the programme - you don't have to make it alone! You will have your own mentor and the support of your project team on your way to becoming an expert.

Why Cinia? With us, you'll be part of a community where the driving themes are responsibility and relevance. Our work is serious, but we also know how to have fun. 🎉 We take care of our well-being by developing our teamwork habits, our system infrastructure and by investing in the culture of the work community, from different kinds of experiments to tech nights and after-parties. ⭐️


You can read more about us at

Instagram: @ciniafinland

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