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Patria is a workplace where you build common security. At Patria, ordinary people solve extraordinary challenges. When it comes to critical operations on land, sea and air, expertise is vital. Quality is in people – in each and every one of us. You make the difference. 

Patria is a trusted international provider of customer-centric defence, security and aviation life cycle support services and technology solutions with a strong growth strategy.

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Patria provides a wide range of employment opportunities for professionals in various fields. Particularly in the IT sector, we have a high demand for a diverse range of experts, including software developers and architechts, IT infrastructure specialists, server and network experts, ICT system professionals, workstation specialists, project managers and Scrum Masters. We engage in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronics, software, and systems in areas such as situational awareness, cybersecurity, sensor technology, signal processing, and stealth technology. Additionally, we develop systems related to vehicles, weapon systems, and aviation. Patria's information technology department also offers diverse job opportunities for IT professionals, including application and project managers.

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