At Scandit, we give superpowers to workers, customers, and businesses with unmatched speed, accuracy, and intelligence. We use Smart Data Capture to give people the power to interact with physical items, like barcodes, IDs, texts and objects, using any smart device with a camera, be it a phone, drone, tablet, or wearable tech, all while automating end-to-end processes and providing actionable insights.

Scandit currently has 500 employees worldwide and and continuing to grow. We are in the sweet spot between a big corporation and a small start-up, with the right infrastructure and stability while still being flexible and innovative. Our Engineering team is 100-people strong with a significant number of them based in our Tampere office.

Engineering is our DNA. Our three co-founders all have PhDs in Computer Science and are very much involved with the business today as our CEO, CIO, and CTO. We opened our Tampere office in 2019 because of the city’s rich history of R&D in cameras and mobile image processing and are ready to welcome talented engineering students from its University!

You can find more information and our open positions at

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